Flying Fox Wings of the Night

A film by Marco Polo Film AG & Gulliver Media Australia Pty Ltd, Documentary (52 min.)
ZDF, 2005

Wiruungga is a reporter from a small radio station at the Australian eastcoast. He is also an Aboriginal Australian and his totem is the Flying Fox. So he is out to research not only for his radio program but even more so for himself. He moves to a flying fox camp in a suburb near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Here, around 400,000 fruit bats sleep day by day in the trees.
Wiruungga learns that the world of the flying foxes is full of wondrous and peculiar things. They hang quite casually in the trees, heads down, fast asleep in broad daylight, sometimes supporting themselves by no more than a toe. At night they swarm out in their thousands and search for ripe fruit and fresh blossoms. They are the only mammals to have truly mastered the art of flying, and clearly they have solved all of the problems that arise when the world is turned on its head.
Wiruungga lives with the flying foxes in their colony, learns about them and remembers stories about them from the Dreaming. In the end he finds his own truth which lies between science and his dreaming. In his cave he finally connects with his totem by dancing the Flying Fox Dance.



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