„Jewels of the Alps“ at EATSA Film Festival 2021

We are thrilled that our 5-part series “Jewels of the Alps” (ZDF/Arte) was selected by the EATSA Film Festival 2021. The festival is taking place from September 27th to November 10th 2021 and it is promoted by the Euro Asia Tourism Studies Association (EATSA) and organised by Centro Portugal Film Commission.

We congratulate the teams of the five films for the selection and keep our fingers crossed!

„Rheas“ are climbing to Mountainfilm Graz 2021

Herbert Ostwald’s documentary “They Came to Stay- Rheas” (ZDF/Arte) about the South American flightless birds living in Northern Germany’s wilderness, made it to the competition of Mountainfilm Graz 2021. The festival is taking place between November 09th to 13th in Graz, Austria.

We keep our fingers crossed!

"The Magical Four - Our Seasons" in Matsalu

We are proud to say that our film The Magical Four- Our Seasons is selected for a nomination in Matsalu at the Matsalu Nature Film Festival from September 15th - 19th. 

Congratulations to the whole team.

"Jewels of the Alps" wins ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival 2021

We are very happy that our series "Jewels of the Alps" (ZDF / Arte) has been awarded a prize at the ART & TUR - International Tourism Film Festival this year! Many thanks to everyone involved for their commitment, including the authors Rosie Koch, Daniela Pulverer, Almut Faass and Mio Brehm. As well as our commissioning Editors Ann-Christin Hornberger and Marita Hübinger.

"They Came to Stay - Our Alien Animal Neighbours" in Matsalu

While our Parakeets are traveling to Rotterdam, are our "Coypus" and "Rheas" on their way to Lihula, Estonia from September 15th - 19th. We are delighted that "Our Alien Animal Neighbours" by Herbert Ostwald are nominated at this years Matsalu Nature Film Festival. 

Congratulations, we keep our fingers crossed.

"Land of the Far North" nominated at Prague Science Film Fest

We are very pleased that our film "Land of the Far North - Polar Night" (Arte/WDR) by Steffan and Alexandra Sailer has been nominated for the Prague Science Film Fest in the category International Competition.
The festival takes place from October 18th - 21st in Prague, Czech Republic.
Congratulations to the whole team.

"They Came to Stay - Our Alien Animal Neighbours: Parakeets" in Rotterdam

We are delighted to say that our production "They Came to Stay - Our Alien Animal Neighbours: Parakeets" is a part of the Wildlife Film Festival 2021. The festival takes place from October 26th - 31st in Rotterdam/Netherlands.

Congratulations to the team! 

"Banquet of the Beasts" wins German Biodiversity Film Award 2021

We feel very honoured that "Banquet of the Beasts" (BR/Arte) won the German Biodiversity Film Award at Naturvision 2021.
Congratulations to the team: the directors Daniela Pulverer and Boris Raim, the camera team Klaus Scheurich and Aaron Schwab, the commissioning editors from BR/Arte Christine Peters and Katja Ferwagner, editor Marlon Wilson, composer Oliver Heuss, sound designer Oliver Engelhardt and many thanks to everybody involved. Especially, we would like to thank the Bavarian Forest National Park for their support.

The NaturVision film talk with writer and director Daniela Pulverer and Executive Producer Annette Scheurich can be watched here:

Shooting on Crete for "The Beach"

Finally the pandemic situation has allowed us to film for our new ARTE project! Annette and Klaus are currently filming exciting and unexpected nature and animal stories on Crete, which take place in, on and around the beach. They are supported by our colleagues Claudia and Hendrik Schmitt ("The Jetlagged"), especially underwater. Follow us on facebook or Instagram for more insights!

"The Pelicans` Journey" nominated at this year`s GREEN SCREEN Festival!

We are very happy to announce that "The Pelicans' Journey" (ZDF/Arte) by Annette Scheurich has been nominated for the Audience Award at this year's GREEN SCREEN International Nature Film Festival Eckernförde! Congratulations to the whole team!