Magical Oman Part 1: In Sinbad’s Footsteps

A film by Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel
Documentary (52 min.), ZDF/Arte, 2017

The Sultanate of Oman is the home of the legendary Sinbad the Sailor. And even today, it seems like a magical country from the Arabian Nights. The film is a journey on the trail of the old trading caravans – far from the turbulence of war in the Arab world. We discover the magic of the Orient and its people, who inhabit a world suspended between tradition and the modern day world. Frankincense trading and silver smithies, caravans and Bedouin, traditional souks and strong mediaeval fortresses are all signs of the lively trading history that has shaped this country. But this journey into the interior of the country reveals more than just a nostalgic wonderland: Oman’s special regional climate and sparse population make it an ideal refuge for a unique plant and animal world.

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