Fascinating Switzerland - Wild Ticino

Ticino is the southernmost canton in Switzerland. In addition to the Mediterranean scenery of the south, its mountain world is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

From the rugged mountains of Ticino’s high Alps to Monte Generoso: the mountainous region of Ticino reveals to visitors an immensely varied nature landscape. From marmots to the rare European longhorn beetle or wild horses – this region is home to them all.

There is hardly any other region in Switzerland with such lovely contrasts as in Ticino. It is the sunniest yet at the same time the rainiest region in the Confederation. Anyone who has seen the luxurious villas along the shores of Lake Maggiore might find it hard to believe, but not too long ago, Ticino was a poverty-stricken canton. Many abandoned villages bear witness to this – especially in the inaccessible side valleys of the rugged mountain region. In some of them, for example Val Bavona, only one village has electricity. But Ticino has always been rich in natural beauty. The mountain meadows of the Alpe Piora are a veritable sea of flowers – a paradise for insects and butterflies. From marmots to the European longhorn beetle – the animal world of Ticino is also multicoloured and varied, and on the Monte Generoso lucky visitors might even spot wild horses. The film’s colourful images reveal the diversity of Ticino‘s mountain region and its fascinating animal inhabitants.

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