Fascinating Switzerland - High up in the Jura Mountains

In the north west of Switzerland, an almost untouched natural paradise stretches across one of the country’s least-known regions: the Jura.

In contrast to the tourist hot spots in Switzerland, the multifaceted low mountain range of the Jura is still comparatively unknown. And yet there is so much to discover here: from Ajoie, the fruit orchard of western Switzerland, to the wild river Doubs and the wide Franches-Montagne area – the Jura region is a nature landscape with many different faces.

While the rest of Switzerland is quite densely populated, the Jura region still offers plenty of space for unspoiled nature. We meet foxes and bats, dive into geological history and discover why the Jura mountains have lent their name to an entire era. On the high plateau of the Franches-Montagnes district we meet the “Freiberger“, an old Swiss horse breed. They have been bred in Switzerland for over 200 years. Here in the Jura these horses can be seen especially often on the green paddocks – an image of wilderness, freedom and adventure right in the middle of Switzerland.

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