Baboon Bandits Monkey Alert in South Africa

A film by Herbert Ostwald,
Documentary (43 min), ZDF/Arte, 2011  

They steal handbags, open cars and have no respect for humans. The last baboons of the Table Mountain region have become a real plague.
The resident population is split into sympathetic protectors and fierce opponents. The animals are deliberately run over by cars, shot and poisoned. According to scientists the baboons have to relearn that humans are a threat in order to survive. Thus a special force has been recruited from the townships: the „Baboon Police“. Day and night the „officers“ follow the marauding baboon troops trying to chase away the monkeys with slingshots, sticks and whips. The documentary follows the „Baboon Police“ and their marauding monkey clans. Is there still a chance for humans and baboons to live in peaceful neighbourhood?

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