Matsalu Moose Strangers in Bird Paradise

Ein Film von Annette Scheurich und Joosep Matjus, Dokumentation (44 min.)
WDR, 2017/18

Matsalu National Park on the North-East Coast of the Baltic Sea is known for being one of Europe’s most important stopover places for migrating birds. However, few know that an exceptionally large Moose colony also lives here. For most of the year, these magnificent creatures roam the open marshes in great masses. In the spring, as soon as the ice melts, the flooded wetlands filled with willow bushes and mineral water ponds lure the moose with ideal conditions: Rich food, good visibility and no human hunters. This very special place is the anchor for our story about Moose. It starts at the time when the yearlings are chased away from their mother before she gives birth to the next calf. Their first year of independency is full of new experiences, dramatic or humorous encounters with different animals, conflicts with other moose and finally integration in the world of the adult moose society. Seen through the eyes of two yearlings, our documentary will show Matsalu National Park and its Moose population as a glowing example for the necessity of preserving wild places.

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