Wildlife and Music: a perfect combination

For our four-part series "Wild Faces of Switzerland" (SRF / 3sat), the Swiss jazz singer Kristina Fuchs and our composer Stefan Döring have rearranged the swiss folk song "Lueget von Berg und Tal" and recorded them in four different languages - matching each episode. For example, in Italian for our episode "The Ticino" - in full length on Monday 23.11.2017, 20:15 hon 3sat.

„Storks“ nominated in Japan!

We are happy to announce that our documentary “Storks – A Village Rooftop Saga”(ZDF/Arte) is nominated at the Japan Wildlife Filmfestival 2018. Congratulations to all!

Premier Broadcast: Wild Faces of Switzerland

On November 13th and November 20th 20:15h our four -part documentary “Wild Faces of Switzerland” will be screened on 3 Sat. Our series paints an exciting portrait of four very distinct areas of Switzerland with its extraordinary wealth of landscapes, plants and animals.

13.11.2017 20:15h Die Jura-Region
13.11.2017 21:05h Winterliches Graubünden
20.11.2017 20:15h Das Tessin
20.11.2017 21:05h Wasser & Eis

Dassies screened at „Sunchild Festival“

Marlen Hundertmarks documentary „The Dassie – A South African Survival Specialist” will be screened at the „Sunchild Environment Festival“, from 13th.-17th. October 2017 in Armenia.

Dassies win in Matsalu!

Congratulations to Marlen Hundertmark and the Marco Polo Film crew – Her film “The Dassie - A South African Survival Specialist” is the winner of this year`s “Special prize of the jury” at the Matsalu Film Festival! We are also very proud that the film was nominated for the “Best Camera” and the “1 st prize”.



Two films nominated in New York

We are proud to announce that our documentaries “Christmas Winter Wonderland” (WDR, 2013) and “Carousel of Life” (BR, arte, WDR, 2014) are nominated and will be screened at this year’s Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. The festival takes place in New York, October 19-29 at the Cinema Village Theater and other locations. Congratulations to everybody involved.

“The Dassie” nominated at Matsalu Nature Film Festival

We are proud to announce that our documentary „The Dassie-A South African Survival Specialist” (WDR, 2017) by Marlen Hundertmark is nominated for this year’s Matsalu Nature Film Festival. It takes place in the Estonian cities Lihula, Haapsalu and Tallin from 20-24 September 2017.
Keep fingers crossed!

„The Dassie“ is nominated!


We are very pleased, that our film „The Dassie - A South African Survival Specialist“ from our author Marlen Hundertmark is nominated at this year`s „Darßer Naturfilm Festival”

More than a Moo!

Cows - so far, they have not been a main issue of wildlife filmmakers. High time to change that! For our two-part documentary "This cattle" ( WT, ZDF / Arte) our author Herbert Ostwald is on “cow mission”. Since this spring he is filming with our camera crew and discovers again and again surprising and amazing insights about the nature of the cow.

Two awards in Gödöllö

We are proud to announce, that two of our documentaries -"Springtime Stories" (WDR, 2015) und "Polar Bear Summer" (Smithsonian Channel, WDR, 2015) – have won at the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllö. in the Categories „Nature Film”. Congratulations to everybody involved!