Reindeer migration – a unique natural event

Our camera team, Alexandra and Steffen Sailer, have witnessed a stunning spectacle during filming for our documentary “Land of the Far North” (WDR, autumn 2019).
Every spring, reindeer in Norway migrate from the inland to the nutritious coastal areas. If the animals need to cross waters during their route, they are usually carried by boat. But reindeer are actually good swimmers. Therefore, it was a great pleasure for Alexandra and Steffen to get the unique opportunity to film a huge reindeer herd swimming to its summer pasture. This unique event is going to be seen in our two-part documentary “Land of the Far North”.

Marco Polo Film at the Greenscreen Filmfestival 2018

We are happy and proud that two of our films are nominated at this year`s “Greenscreen Filmfestival” in Eckernförde, Germany: “Grizzly Encounters – Part One” for the Award of the Juvenile Jury and “Wild faces of Switzerland – Ticino” for the Audience Award! Furthermore “Magical Oman – The South” and “Wild Faces of Switzerland – Water and Ice” are selected to be screened at the official program. Thanks and congratulations to all participants!

„Grizzly Encounters –The Private Life of Bears“ and Wild Faces of Switzerland – Water and Ice” in Gödöllö

We are glad, that the second part of our films „Grizzly Encounters - The Private Life of Bears”, and “Wild Faces of Switzerland – Water and Ice” will be screened at the 5th International Film Festival in Gödöllö. The Festival takes place from 25th to 27th of May.

Marco Polo rocks - Interview with „Metallica“-bassist Robert Trujillo

For our documentary „Black is Back – Return of the Vinyl” we met "Metallica's" bass player Robert Trujillo. He shared his passion for vinyl with us in an interview at the vintage record store “Ratzer Records” in Stuttgart. Our documentary “Black is Back” unveils the battle of vinyl lovers worldwide who helped the record to survive: It is a fight between art and commerce. Artists, technicians, and collectors, their passion for the black disc, its unique sound and the creative possibilities were the key to keeping the vinyl record alive. This film tells the amazing story of an old, analogue technique that survived the digital transition against all odds. Many thanks to Robert Trujillo, Ratzer Records and Hawkins & Cross.

Black is Back: Return of the Vinyl

„Magical Oman“ Two Parts on ARTE


On the 22. and 23. of March 2018 at 18:35 h ARTE presents our two part documentary „Magical Oman“ from Rosie Koch und Roland Gockel. A fascinating portrait of nature and culture of the still largely unknown Arab country.




„Grizzly Encounters“ and „The Dassie“ in Missoula


Our films “Grizzly Encounters” and “The Dassie” will be screened at the renowned International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula/Montana. We feel very honoured.

Marco Polo Film on the AFO Festival in the Czech Republic

We are proud to announce that two of our films will be screened on the Academia Film Festival Olomouc. Our film Springtime Stories is in the semifinal for an award!

„The Dassie“ is nominated once again!

Next sucess for „The Dassie“! The film from Marlen Hundertmark is nominated on the Green Image Film Festival in Japan-we are very pleased!

Air Date "Grizzly Encounters" January 15 th & 16 th 2018 18:35h on Arte!

In our two part documentary „Grizzly Encounters“, Chris Morgan shows the similarity between Alaska’s brown bears and us humans. The first part “The Hunger Challenge” will be aired on Monday, 15. of Januay 2018 on Arte, the second part “The Private Life of Bears” will be shown on 16. of January 2018 They are also available here:

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and

a happy new year 2018!

Your Marco Polo Film Team