Marco Polo Film at the Mountainfilm Festival 2018

What do Grizzlies, the Oman and Switzerland have in common? They will be screened at the Mountainfilm Festival in Graz this year! We are very pleased that three of our films have been selected and keep our fingers crossed that they may even be nominated.

„Wild Faces of Switzerland – The Jura Mountains“ at the Mountainfilm-Festival Tegernsee

The 16th International Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee has included our film "Wild Faces of Switzerland - The Jura Mountains" in its film competition. We feel very honored! The festival takes place from 17.-21. October 2018 in Tegernsee.

“Private Life of Bears” at the Festival International Nature Namur

"Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan - Part 2: Private Life of Bears" has been selected for the International Nature Film Festival in Namur. The festival will take place from 12.-21.10.2018 in Namur, Belgium, and our film will take partin the professional competition. We keep our fingers crossed!

3 episodes „Wild Faces of Switzerland“ selected!

The best things come in threes! Therefore, we are very glad that the “Wild Faces of Switzerland”-episodes “Ticino”, “The Jura-Region” and “Winter in the Swiss Alps” are part of this years` Swiss Mountain Film Festival.
The festival takes place from 6th to 11th August 2018 in St. Moritz/Switzerland.

Five films selected for Matsalu!


We are delighted that five of our films are part of the Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2018. Both episodes of „Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan“ have been selected as well as the “Wild Faces of Switzerland”-episodes “Ticino” and “Water and Ice” and “Magical Oman – In Sinbad`s Footsteps”. The festival takes place from September 19th – 23rd 2018 in Lihula/Estonia.
Congratulations to the team!

“Pitch-Perfect” at the Sunny Side 2018!

Congratulations to Annette Scheurich and our author Dietmar Klumpp on their successful pitch of our project "Black is Back - Return of the Vinyl" at this year's Sunny Side 2018! With their convincing performance, they have won the FIPA Doc Prize – well done!



Our films at the Sunchild Festival 2018

This year`s "Sunchild International Environmental Festival" in Armenia is screening four of our films: "Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan, Part 1 & 2" and "Wild Faces of Switzerland - The Jura Region" and "Water and Ice" We feel very honored!

Switzerland and Grizzlys at Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival

We are very pleased, that two of our productions “Wild Faces of Switzerland – Water & Ice” and “Grizzly Encounters – The Hunger Challenge” are in the next round of the “Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival” in Finland. From 92 entries, 20 films were selected in the Category “Natural History”. The Festival takes place from 26. to 30. September. Congratulations to everybody involved, thumbs up!

Storks win on the Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2017

Storks win on the "Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2017" We are very proud, that our Film “Storks – A Village Rooftop Saga” is the winner of the “People and Nature Encouragement Award” on the “Japan Wildlife Film Festival”. The opinion of the jury is as follows:

“A heart-warming story of a small village working together with storks, that has created an ecosystem for people and nature. We applaud the film making team for their keen insight to the village and the storks. The amiable expressions of both people and animal resident´s tells the whole story, which made us think on what can we do in our own cities, towns, and villages to create a wonderful community like this.

Reindeer migration – a unique natural event

Our camera team, Alexandra and Steffen Sailer, have witnessed a stunning spectacle during filming for our documentary “Land of the Far North” (WDR, autumn 2019).
Every spring, reindeer in Norway migrate from the inland to the nutritious coastal areas. If the animals need to cross waters during their route, they are usually carried by boat. But reindeer are actually good swimmers. Therefore, it was a great pleasure for Alexandra and Steffen to get the unique opportunity to film a huge reindeer herd swimming to its summer pasture. This unique event is going to be seen in our two-part documentary “Land of the Far North”.