Wild Faces of the Andes

A film by Steffen und Alexandra Sailer
Documentary (52 min), 2011

Spanning more than 7500 kilometres north to south, the Andes is the longest mountain range in the world. Peaks thrusting up to 7 000 metres are more than just an imposing sight, they also have a tremendous impact on the south American climate. The land in the shadow of the Andes is a study in contrasts – a land of fire and ice, cold and heat. In the stormy wastes of Patagonia to the south, craggy mountain ranges and glaciers are the landscape’s main features, while further north in the high Andes, volcanoes, geysers and soda lakes predominate. The Atacama – the driest desert in the world – lies to the west of the Andes, and the Pantanal – the world’s largest wetlands – stretches to the east: further examples of the extremes engendered by the Andes range. The country’s fauna is as varied as its landscape. Guanakos, flamingos, giant otters, penguins, caimans and Patagonian foxes are just some of the feathered or four-legged stars of the film. Majestic landscapes and unusual animal stories – grandiose and fascinating, amusing or exciting – illustrate with breathtaking images the diversity of life in the shadow of this mighty mountain range.

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