Wild Faces of Switzerland - Ticino

A film by Mi-Yong Brehm
Documentary (50 min.), 3Sat/SRF, 2018

There’s hardly a corner of Switzerland so marked by exciting contrasts as Ticino. It’s both the sunniest and the rainiest part of the country. Rough mountains meet a Mediterranean climate, and while the North is still covered in a blanket of snow, camellias and magnolias are already in flower in the South. Its unique geography dictates an astonishing spectrum of climatic conditions across such a small area. Above all, Ticino is famous for its lakes, including the stunning Lago Maggiore and the Lake of Lugano. Remnants of Ice Age glaciers, they are the essence of the Italian idea of the Dolce Vita, boasting a splendid alpine backdrop and popular tourist destinations. Yet just a stone’s throw from the Piazzas and Promenades, there is wild nature, including the bird paradise Bolle di Magadino and the rough Muggio Valley.

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