The World´s Greatest Balloon Adventures – Kenya 4th episode

A five-part series by Annette und Klaus Scheurich (5x52 min)
4th episode (52min), Servus TV, 2013

African adventure: zebra, wildebeest and elephant cross the savannah of the Maasai Mara in huge herds, flamingoes fly in their thousands over the enormous lake Elementaita and the red African sun sets over the green hills of the Great Rift Valley – in Kenya, every hot-air balloon ride is a unique experience. Kenya is also the home of Alan Root, one of the world’s most renowned animal photographers. Forty years ago, our “Flying on the Wind” protagonist, Phil Dunnington, taught Alan to pilot a hot-air balloon. Now they meet again and fly through the skies above the Maasai Mara as they used to in the old days.

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