Magical Oman Part 2: Along the Incense Route

by Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel
Documentary (52min), ZDF, arte, 2018

From the parched desert expanse of Oman’s interior, we head South, past the reserve for the last of the Arabian Oryx, and into the Province of Dhofar. This is the home of incense trees and the Arabian Leopard. Owing to its rich fruit and vegetable plantations, the provincial capital Salalah is also known as the ‘Garden of Oman’. It’s also famous for its beaches and rich underwater world. When the Khareef – a tail end of the monsoon season – hits the area in summer, it erupts in flowers and lush green, drawing crowds of Arab tourists to the area: they all come here to enjoy a picnic in the refreshing drizzle.

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