Madagascar Mystical, Magical, Memorable

A film by Annette Scheurich and Rosie Koch, Documentary (44 min.)
WWF, KfW, ANGAP, 2007

Madagascar is a wondrous land, full of mythical secrets, strange cultures and exotic nature. Its shadowy, damp virgin forests are filled with eerie sounds. The cry of the lemurs lures us into an enchanted world. It is no surprise that the native inhabitants developed an unusually spiritual relationship with nature, affected by animal legends, myths, taboos and ancestor worship. This documentary shows the stunning beauty and diversity of Madagascar’s nature, the traditional and cultural relationship between the local people and their environment, and most of all it shows what the local people do to preserve their natural treasures. The most wonderful spots of Madagascar are highly praised by ecotourists, biologists and scientist. But preservation of these biologicel gems cannot be done without the Malagasy people themselves. In different parts of the country we encounter musicians, rangers, farmers, healers, boat builders, officers of the nature conservation authority and many more, working hard to save what is still there of Madagascars pristine beauty. Each in their special way strives to raise awareness for the work of conservationists and the importance of conservation to the fragile habitats of Madagascar and their own means of livelihood for future generations.

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