Madagascar - You Beauty!

A film by Annette Scheurich
Documentary (43 min), ZDF/Arte, 2011

“Madagascar – You Beauty” – is how they sing about the magic island in the Indian Ocean. And not without reason, because this remote island is home to unique flora and fauna, unlike anything else you will find in the world. This film takes us on a journey through Madagascar, from the dry, spiny forrest in the south west, where mighty baobab trees shape the skyline, to the primeval rainforests of the north east. We will hear the eery cry of the lemur, and come upon an astonishingly wide variety of bizarre creatures including mysterious Kattas and chameleons. On our sojourn we take a glimpse at the daily life of the Madagascan tribes: at the coast, fishing and shipbuilding are traditional crafts, while inland they cultivate rice, coffee and vanilla beans. But one thing unites all Madagascans, regardless of their origin: a deep-seated respect for nature, which is reflected in the beliefs and the mythology of all its people. The most moving and lasting impression, however, is the sheer zest for life of these island folk, which is expressed in dance and music – as the song, “Madagascar – You Beauty” so clearly demonstrates.

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