Grizzly Encounters Part 2: Grizzly Encounters - The Private Life of Bears

A film by Annette and Klaus Scheurich 
Documentary (52 min.), BR, arte, 2018

Katmai’s extensive sedge meadows are like a lifeline for brown bears at a time when food is scarce for them. They attract Grizzlies in unusually high numbers, forcing them to congregate and tolerate each other in close proximity. It’s a challenge for these notorious loners … and an opportunity for bear researcher Chris Morgan. Able to observe them at close range, he witnesses bear society in full swing, from lonely youngsters getting to grips with life as adult brown bears, to anxious mothers trying to balance getting enough to eat with the security of their kids, boisterous youths ready to measure their fighting prowess, and love-sick males in hot pursuit of females ready to mate. Commentating with wit and in-depth knowledge, Chris explores the private lives of Katmai’s bears in unprecedented detail, and exposes different personalities, strategies and social bonds. It soon becomes clear how individual each bear is, and how adaptable they all are to the challenges posed by the unusual and surprising bear habitat on the Katmai coast. Above all, in order to succeed here, it’s essential to understand the rules of bear etiquette and social order – a skill that is passed on from mothers to cubs through the generations. Entertaining, informative and gripping, Chris Morgan takes us on a thrilling excursion into the world of Katmai’s brown bears.

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