Fascinating Switzerland - Through the Seasons in the Jura Mountains

The Jura mountains are the “little brother“ of the Alps, running along the French border in the north of Switzerland. The region is one of the most pristine in Switzerland and full of wild beauty.

The Jura region in the Swiss Romandy has a surprisingly diverse natural landscape. From idyllic Vallée de Joux in the south to the bitter winters in Switzerland’s coldest place, La Brévine in Canton Neuenburg, the film shows the many different facets of this stunning region.

The Jura region is both rough and lovely. The rugged limestone cliffs of this low mountain range are densely forested and on their summits lie colourful, blooming mountain meadows. Amidst it all, the “Swiss Grand Canyon“, the Creux du Van, rises steeply upwards, a unique natural monument created by water, ice and time. Even the lynx has found a new home here. To the south lies the Vallée de Joux, surrounded by the largest forested area in Switzerland. This is home to one of Europe’s largest ant colonies, with 2000 nests. Further north in La Brévine, is “Swiss Siberia”. Temperatures of minus 40 degrees centigrade have been measured here, yet even in the cold of winter, it still has animal inhabitants. In elaborate, glossy pictures and lovingly-told animal stories, the film depicts the Jura region in all its glory.

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