Fascinating Switzerland - The Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is one of Switzerland’s loveliest natural regions. Its mountains are home to a wide variety of animal and plant species whose conservation is essential.

Pretty alpine meadows with colourful flowers and rugged rocks, framed by icy glaciers - nature in the Bernese Oberland is truly diverse. But the consequences of climate change can be felt everywhere. The film shows the most beautiful but also the most endangered aspects of this region.

Switzerland is also known as the “Moated Castle of Europe“. Without the water from the Swiss glaciers, vast stretches of land would be high and dry. Every year, the Alps supply surrounding countries with as much water as five times the entire water content of Lake Constance. The film shows the beauty of the landscape in the shadow of the mighty peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, where even in summer, frost prevails on many days. But the film does not shy away from serious topics, either, highlighting them in impressive footage: in the light of the terrifying pace at which the vital glaciers are retreating, climate change is clearly having an effect here too.

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