Carousel of life The Traditional Orchard

A film by Annette and Klaus Scheurich
Documentary (52 min), BR/Arte/WDR, 2014

Blossoming fruit trees, colourful meadows, buzzing bees and luscious fruit – traditional orchards are like natural oases in our modern-day agricultural landscape. This vibrant testimony to a traditional farming culture is an invaluable enhancement for nature. The traditional orchard is a natural habitat for numerous rare grasses and herbs which in turn attract the most diverse animal species – from foxes to butterflies and even the common redstart, it’s swarming with wildlife. At the same time, the tall trunks of the fruit trees add another level to the meadow, an upper storey that provides hideouts and nests for all comers. And apples, pears, cherries and walnuts are not only delicious tidbits for human beings…

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